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Urgent need to release pressure from the UK’s labour market for drivers

There’s a Europe-wide shortage of drivers – true – but the current situation in the UK is out of all proportion with over 120,000 vacancies. What caused it is an unfortunate turn of events; elements like the return home of EU drivers and early retirement of the – on average – older population of UK drivers during periods of lockdowns, reduced production and restricted travelling.

The result? Tremendous amounts of cargo that don’t or only belatedly reach their final destination. Cargo intended to supply just about any industry, from FMCG to pharmaceuticals. Regardless of the locations where cargo is kept, logistics costs rise drastically which on its turn raises consumer prices (and thus inflation).

The solution? For sure not accompanied transport via the Eurotunnel as this automatically increases transport and environmental costs in line with the related extra mileage. A long term solution is required, but until that point, there’s an urgent need to release pressure from the UK’s labour market for drivers. Several companies active in the Dutch transport sector therefore addressed the British government to enhance cabotage legislation for EU hauliers.

October 13, 2021