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Supplier audit system certified

A substantial part of the transports Ewals Cargo Care carries out, is executed in cooperation with subcontractors. Monitoring the business practices and performance level of our partners is therefore a major element in pursuit of customer satisfaction. In this context, Ewals developed a  supplier audit system in-house a few years ago, based on both internal governing principles and the United Nations Global Compact (linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals). Its aim is to perform one audit according to this system with each subcontractor every year (alternating face-to-face and online meetings).

Last year, we decided to take our supplier audit system one step further by applying for its formal validation via TÜV Rheinland. This testing service provider first took a deep dive into the audit process by means of, amongst others, interviews and a document scan. Next, it joined an audit in practice in order to experience it in real life. Finally, feedback was provided which led to some further refinements. In the meanwhile, the official declaration of validation has been acquired. It is to be prolonged through a series of conformity assessments the upcoming years.

June 9, 2021