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French railway authority VIIA designs sticker for approved XLS trailer

Earlier this year Ewals Cargo Care reported about the first successful shipment of a trailer loaded with tyres on the Lorry Rail service. Now, several months and a series of successful shipments later this method of tyre transport is fully recognized by all the authorities involved - a fact underlined by the specific approval sticker that VIIA has designed for the XLS trailers.

The Mega Huckepack XLS trailer has proved to be a safe and efficient solution for transporting cargo with a tendency to bulge, such as tyres. The combination of reinforced and easily modified side curtains, with no loose parts is an ideal solution for the common problem of trailers being rejected for transport by rail because they exceed the maximum width due to cargo bulging.

Now the route between Bettembourg in Luxembourg and Le Boulou in southern France is officially open for the XLS, Ewals Cargo Care can focus on the other European rail connections. Ewals Cargo Care’s large Multimodal Network provides an excellent opportunity for further recognition and acceptance of the XLS for the multimodal transport of tyres.

See the video below to see an XLS trailer of tyres on the Lorry Rail service.  The film was made during the first tests.

August 5, 2016