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XLS 2.0, because less is more

Same features; but lighter and thus more user-friendly as well as economical. That’s what can be expected from the updated XLS system that reinforces trailer curtains.

Back in 2013, the original XLS system was introduced. This system, processed into trailers’ curtains, makes them extra strong, rigid, safe and secure (an innovation of Ewals Cargo Care in collaboration with curtain specialist Roland).  

Recently, some laths were repositioned or removed, while other materials and ways to connect the curtains were used to safeguard the functionalities of the original design. As a result, the new design is less heavy and therefore slides more easily. Besides, tensioning the curtains and reaching the mechanism to do so from within the trailer has become easier, which all improves the user friendliness for drivers. This design can also be produced more efficiently, which reduces production costs. A real win-win situation or is the quality of the curtains reduced? Extensive testing shows that this is not the case; the curtains remain just as effective to prevent bulging.

Ewals’ upcoming purchases of Mega Huckepack XLS trailers will be equipped with this 2.0 version of the XLS system. Who’s next?


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August 23, 2021